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Elmer's Catering


20% off to the first Summer 2021 Catering Request!

It's not just food ... it's the best food we can prepare for you, and for your guests.

At Elmer's, we love food and we believe that great, naturally-grown and personally-prepared food is what we all deserve. Food is not only nourishment, it's also a delight that makes us happy and that, when shared across a common table, can bring people together. We can all share the happiness.

As a small, family-run business, other families are our priority and we strive to focus as much as possible on the abundance of wonderful local products from other small, family-run businesses that we continually discover in Western Massachusetts. So we try to match our recipes to what is readily available.

As a family that has lived in many parts of the US, Europe and South America, we are also multi-cultural and international and attempt to introduce as many of the delightful food items and recipes we have encountered in our travels, as well as from new discoveries--and we aim to always try something new, as well as perfect the tried and true.

Give us a call and tell us what you need: we're here to make it happen.

(413) 275-3353

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